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An Enchanting Event Venue In Los Angeles

Étage Event Venue will fulfill all your needs to make your day magical and remarkable. With customizable amenities and a state-of-the-art layout, our event venue in Los Angeles will create the perfect ambiance for you and your guests. This captivating event venue is the optimal place to capture best memories with your loved ones.

6740 Corbin Ave. Reseda, CA 91335

Notable Amenities Included In Event Venue Rental

Capacity: 300 Guests

Enchant your guests with our customizable amenities, all of which are available for you. Personalize and create an event that brings your vision to life. Some of the amenities included in your venue rental are:


Customize Your Event

Create the perfect ambiance for your event by customizing our event venue. From our foyer to our banquet hall, our venue is a blank canvas for you to design and create a remarkable experience. Our team is here to work hands-on with you and your venders in every step of the way to gratify all your needs.


Creating Long-Lasting Memories

Regardless of your event, our venue can accommodate you and your guests effortlessly.
Here are some of the events we host at our event venue.

Weddings At Étage Event Venue

Unforgettable Weddings

At Étage Event Venue, we offer the perfect wedding reception hall setting to celebrate love and a new beginning. Whether you want a grand wedding or a more intimate wedding, our event venue is the perfect choice for you. We provide a space to create one of your life’s greatest memories.

Special Occasions

Corporate Events


Exquisite Catering

Étage Venue Catering Service
Étage Event Venue Management

Meet Our Caring Team

At Etage Banquet Hall, we consider our team not just as staff but as a family dedicated to making your moments extraordinary. With years of collective experience, our professionals are adept at turning dreams into reality. From the initial consultation to the final toast, our team ensures every detail is meticulously handled.

We understand that your event is more than just a date on the calendar—it’s a cherished memory in the making. That’s why our staff goes above and beyond, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. At Etage, hospitality isn’t just a service; it’s a commitment to exceeding your expectations. Trust us to make your special day truly exceptional.

Things To Consider For An Event Venue Rental

Finding the ideal venue is much more than picking a location that looks nice. There are many elements that make up the best venue for the type of event you want to host. Some of the things you need to take into account are your guest list, capacity requirements, and the convenience of the location. Considering these factors when you are weighing your options for a venue that can improve your overall experience.

The location of your venue is perhaps the most important factor to consider. Not only does the location reflect the event you’re hosting, but it also will make a difference in the ease and ability for guests to reach it – especially any guests coming from out of town. You don’t want to book a place that guests will have a difficult time reaching considering traffic and transportation. Our event venue is central to many popular attractions and landmarks that your guests will be excited to visit during their stay. It is accessible from many different areas across all directions, assuring your attendees feel confident heading into the event.

Not all of your guests will be arriving by taxi or rideshare services; in fact, most will likely be driving there on their own. Ask the venue if parking is available on site, or somewhere within a short walk’s distance. Ask about any street parking options that are close by. Is the parking free or paid for? A majority of venues in the Los Angeles County are required to accommodate parking for their guests with valet service. If parking is not available, you will need to think about alternative options.

You should have an idea of how many people will be attending your event and compare this number to the capacity of the venue. A venue that comfortably holds 300 people is not going to be suited to a 400-person event. However, a venue that comfortably holds 400 people could also comfortably fit 300 people. You may also want to consider opting for a venue that has enough room where guests can comfortably be seated or walk around. You don’t want the space to feel too cramped, especially when you are hosting a larger gathering.

Keep in mind as you are looking at a venue, while each room you look at may appear huge; it is likely because it is empty. Our wedding venue can be personalized and decorated however you prefer in order to bring your vision to life. Try imagining what it will look like when it is filled with all of your decorations, floral arrangements & center pieces, a live band or DJ playing the hit songs, and people enjoying themselves on the dance floor. All of these elements will give the event venue ambiance and make it appear whole.

A factor to consider when choosing an event venue is how the room is laid out. Ensure you have enough space between tables for the comfort of both servers and guests. Guests should be able to roam and mingle with each other without causing a “traffic jam” between tables. Consider the location of the bar and whether people waiting at the bar for their orders might create another traffic jam for others heading to the restrooms or exits. Therefore, a venue should have enough space for clear traffic flow to essential areas throughout the room.

You also want to make sure that the room provides a good view of the head table and dance floor so all guests will be able to watch and enjoy the festivities. Rooms that are cut and angled may obstruct some guest views of the bride and groom’s first dance, toasts, and other traditional events.

When planning your wedding you should leave no detail untouched. Therefore, chose a venue that has great acoustics. Height of ceiling, sound integrity of the walls, and speaker setup are all key factors that influence the quality of acoustics.

It is said that the music at a wedding can make or break a good time. Whether you have a live band or a DJ, music is one of the significant expenses at a wedding. You want to make sure the acoustics in the room you hold your event in does not sound like an echo chamber. Reverberations can cause sounds to amplify. In turn making peoples voices go up in order to compensate for all the noise. This not only puts a damper on the music for your guests but could also make it difficult for people to converse with each other.

If necessary, additional room acoustic treatments techniques may be used to control the quality of sound transmitted within the space.

Lighting in a venue can also make all the difference in the mood that you are trying to set. What type of ambiance are you trying to create? Is there enough good quality lighting to achieve that ambiance? Does the room have windows for a daytime event or is it completely closed in?

And speaking of windows, if the event venue you are considering does have windows, what is the view like? What will guests be looking at if they look outside? If there are no windows, then what type of décor does the venue have, and how does that fit in with the theme of your wedding that you have chosen?

Lighting enhances the décor elements that you spent lots of time and money creating or designing. It helps draw your attention to important areas throughout the venue. Some of which may include the head table, cake table, bar, dance floor, and even guest tables center pieces.

Plus, good lighting also means better photographs.

Choosing the right caterer has the capability of sending your event over the top. Most events serve food and beverage for guests. Think about whether you would like to hire an offsite catering company, or let the venue prepare an in-house catered meal for you.

Choosing an offsite caterer is a good idea if you have specific menu items in mind. It is advisable to talk with the venue about the ability to bring in outside catering. Some venues will not allow this at all, and others are more flexible depending on your needs.

Choosing an in-house catering is a more affordable option and less stress as it eliminates another extra vender to work with. Event Venues with in-house catering also offer food tasting for you to try before your event date. Additionally, there is no need for a set up and clean up because they will handle it all. Overall, making a smooth and convenient event planning process for you.

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