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Event Venue Granada Hills, CA

Event Venue in Granada Hills, CA

Event Venue Granada Hills, CA

When a couple is planning their wedding, part of that search is finding the perfect event venue in Granada Hills, CA, and it isn’t uncommon for them to rely on Étage Venue for their special day. After starting planning, couples often discover that the usual length of time of a wedding reception is four hours. Many couples are surprised that the average reception is not longer, believing it will be impossible to fit all that makes up their big day in that amount of time. The following tips will help ensure you fit it all in.

Guest List

The more guests you have at your wedding, the less intimate your event will be. Although you may want to share your special day with everyone you know, the more people you have, the more crowded your venue becomes. The banquet room may be too full. The bar is too crowded. There’s no room on the dance floor. Having many guests also means there are hardly any opportunities for the bride and groom to greet and spend time with everyone. 

In fact, you may feel like you have no time at all to enjoy your special day because you’ve spent most of the wedding just trying to say hello to each of your guests. Instead, try keeping your guest list smaller. This way everyone – including you and your partner – will enjoy the day.

Food Choices

While many couples like the idea of giving their guests many food choices by having a buffet, this actually ends up extending the dining portion of your event much more than family-style, sit-down dinners do. With the latter, everyone is served at the same time, there are no lines, and there is no wait for everyone to finish eating. And with the catering services that étage Venue offers, you can still provide your guest with a wide variety of food choices even with a sit-down dinner.


Another activity that steals a big chunk of your four-hour reception is the time that is spent on photographs. Typically, the time for photos is between the ceremony and the reception, however, that means your guests are left waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting for you and your bridal party to finally show up at the venue. Today, more and more couples are choosing to do first look photos, where the bridal party photographs are taken before the actual ceremony takes place and guests arrive. 

This can save a significant amount of time where you can actually enjoy your reception instead of “posing” through it. This can also end up cutting down on expenses for the actual reception since there is no need to provide guests with a cocktail hour and appetizers to keep them busy while they are waiting for photos to be completed.

Tips For Hosting Your Banquet Hall Wedding

The process behind creating your dream wedding is not simple. Even if you have professionals working with you every step of the way, you still need to make important decisions to ensure it goes the way you want it to. If you are hoping to host yours at a banquet hall, you probably want to know what the benefits are. Are you able to fix up the space to make it match your theme? Do you need to hire outside catering or will the banquet hall include catering with a package? 

Read below for tips on renting a banquet hall and how it can make your dream wedding come true. 

Choose the right colors.

When you are working in a banquet hall, you want it to come alive and match the theme of your wedding. The colors you choose to decorate the hall with are very important. To make the space feel light and airy, you can drape light colors throughout the space and utilize neutrals to make other accents pop.

Find a lighting company.

If you want the space to feel larger or want to completely change a look, consider working with a lighting company. They can use different lighting techniques and strategically place lights to change the mood of the wedding.

Work with a company you like.

Remember, when you use a banquet hall for your wedding, you are getting more than just a space. You are working with a supervisor and their team. You want to make sure you work well with the supervisor and are on the same page. At étage Venue, you’ll see for yourself why a CA banquet hall in North Hollywood is preferred for weddings and events.

Find a florist you trust. 

When you are using a banquet hall, even if it is a beautiful space, you may be concerned that it does not have natural touches throughout the room. When this is the case, you may want to find a florist who can help bring in natural elements to make the space feel like it has outdoor elements inside. This can brighten up the space tremendously. 

Easy Mistakes Not To Make

There are things that go beyond your control, and your wedding day is no exception. After all the planning and double checking, part of you has to hope that everything will go smoothly. When road bumps or surprises arise, remember that there is always a fix that can be made. And if not, don’t forget that your guests are there to celebrate you and the love you share with your partner. In the midst of wedding excitement, be sure to not commit any of these easy mistakes: 

Exceeding your wedding budget.

For most people, money is going to be a factor in their wedding day. If you stick to your budget, then you won’t be entering into debt because of your celebration. You may want to leave some wiggle room in case something you cannot live without on your wedding presents itself. But otherwise, it’ll save you stress in the long run to track spending, review a vendor’s contract carefully, and keep receipts of purchases. 

Errors on your marriage license.

A common mistake for those marrying is not knowing about the rules and laws surrounding marriage licenses. For example, depending on the state you live in you have a certain number of days after getting your marriage license to have the wedding. Otherwise, you are not legally married despite having the ceremony. There’s no way your guests would know this unless you told them, and you can still do the ceremony, but then you’ll have the headache of dealing with a marriage license issue afterwards. 

Letting other people’s opinions rule.

During the wedding planning stages, it can be easy to get caught up in everyone else’s opinion about what your wedding day should be like. But all in all, it’s about you and your significant other and gathering together to show your love. If you have a loved one who is contributing financially to the wedding, chances are they will want to have some say in decor, food, invitations, etc. However, remember that the day is about you, and ultimately it’s the wedding couple who should be the priority. 

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When you are looking for an event venue, you want it to be the perfect space. You want your guests to step into the room and feel like the atmosphere has shifted to something beautiful and magical. To do this, you need the perfect canvas. Contact étage Venue to learn more about how our Granada Hils, CA event venue can make your wedding the perfect day.

Why You Need An Event Venue?

An event venue Granada Hills, CA is one of the most important factors in your event’s success. If you want to host an event that people will remember, you need a venue that will help you create a stellar event — one worthy of creating wonderful memories.

Most events are hosted at event venues in Granada Hills, CA that were made specifically for hosting events. They’re built or modified to be easily transformed into the perfect setting for your kind of event. They have all the tools you need to turn them into the place of your dreams on any given day.

Here are the top 8 reasons why you should have your next event at a venue:

1. Your home isn’t big enough.

Some of you might be lucky enough to have houses, backyards, and living rooms that can fit all of your guests. If you’re not one of those people, an event venue in Granada Hills, CA is a perfect solution for when your home just can’t hold all your guests!

2. Venues have better amenities.

If you’ve ever hosted a party at home, then you know how stressful it can be to set up before the party and clean up after the party is over. At an event venue in Granada Hills, CA, there will be staff available so all you have to worry about is having fun!

3. You don’t have to worry about the catering.

You don’t have to worry about finding caterers or figuring out what food to serve because an event venues in Granada Hills, CA usually include catering in their packages!

4. There is no need to buy decorations or furniture.

Decorating an entire space takes time and money. Most event venues in Granada Hills, CA include furniture such as tables and chairs so there is no need to spend extra money on other items. Also, venues are usually decorated in a way that makes them look

5. Flexible Space

This is especially true for small businesses that may not have meeting rooms or space for larger events like conferences. Event venues in Granada Hills, CA provides different room sizes, so you can adapt your space to the size of your event.

6. Location

Venues will often be located in prime areas near hotels and other important amenities that will be needed for your attendees or guests.

7. Professional Services

Event venues in Granada Hills, CA often offer catering services so you can concentrate on your event rather than menu planning and cooking. They will also have staff that will help set up tables, chairs, audio/visual equipment, and other materials needed for your event depending on the packages they offer.

8. Cleaning Services

After all is said and done, cleaning up can be a hassle, depending on how large the mess is that needs to be cleaned up after the event has concluded. Having a venue will allow them to provide cleaning. 

Hiring A Wedding Coordinator

Hiring a wedding coordinator is one of the best things you can do when you are planning a wedding. Many venues require parties to work with a wedding coordinator for thirty days while planning the event at the banquet hall. If you are hiring vendors to come to your wedding a coordinator can help you ensure that they arrive on time and complete their assigned tasks. 


Problems may develop while you are planning your event. If this is the case you need to have a coordinator who can help you solve problems and address issues. Teamwork is essential, and by having professionals by your side you can learn how to make your event more enjoyable for yourself and your guests. 


Wedding coordinators also can help with other aspects of your event such as floral arrangements and food service. A general wedding coordinator wears many hats, and you can pay less money for more diverse services when you hire a wedding coordinator to assist you with your wedding plans. 

Ceremonies and Receptions at the Venue 

If you would like to have your ceremony and reception at the venue that is possible. The courtyard and other spaces on the property are perfect for ceremonies of all kinds. If you keep the ceremony. By having the ceremony and the reception at the same location, you can save time and money by not transporting your guests from one venue to another. You need to focus on the most convenient option for you and your guests. At Etage Banquet Hall you have the option of hosting the ceremony and the reception in the same venue. 

Choosing The Service Style 

Buffet, plated, and tray pass are the three main catering service styles. Buffet catering service features different self-serve stations for guests. The buffet option is the best choice if you want to save money on staff members. The food production for a buffet style catering service is simple because large dishes can be filled quickly and food can be made to order. 


Plated catering service occurs when guests sit down to a meal and individuals eat together at tables. Weddings and charity fundraisers often feature plated catering services. Formal dining events are popular with many guests who come to Etage Banquet Hall. Plated service is also the best option for smaller events that contain fewer guests. 


Trey pass catering service features servers and other staff members offering food for guests. Many guests choose to combine this catering service method with either buffet or plated catering service. If you choose to use two methods you can save money and keep your guests satisfied. Choosing the best service style for your event will help you have a memorable and pleasant event. 

Choosing A Theme For Your Event 

If you have a specific type of event you need to choose a theme. The particular mood of your event can be expressed through a unique theme. Casual themes and formal themes all offer different tones and atmospheres. If you understand what you want at your event you can choose a theme that will fit the dimensions and style of the Etage Banquet Hall. 

Practice Good Hygiene At Your Event 

You should always use soaps and hand sanitizers at your event. Staff members can clean countertops with commercial cleaning products. Tasting spoons should never be reused and everyone who prepares food should wash hands after working with seafood and raw meat. Good hygiene will keep you and your guests healthy during the event. You do not have to worry about foodborne illness at your event. 

Supplement Your Dishes With Beautiful Colors 

Regular dishes can be decorated with interesting designs and colors. By adding unique features to your dishes you can increase the aesthetic appeal of your event. You can add variety and flair to your dishes with herb sprigs, chopped nuts, flowers, and sprinkles. These small details can help you and your guests have a more enjoyable experience at your event. 

Why Need étage Banquet Hall as Your Event Venue

étage Banquet Hall is the perfect event venue in Granada Hills, CA for your next big event. We’re located in a beautiful, historic building with amazing architecture and decor that will make your guests feel like they’re at a party straight out of a movie! Our staff is friendly and professional, so we can help you plan every detail of your special day. Plus, our food is delicious and affordable – everyone will be talking about how great it was long after the night has ended!

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