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Catering Van Nuys, CA

Catering Van Nuys, CA

Catering Van Nuys, CAWhen planning an event or wedding that requires catering Van Nuys, CA residents recommend, our event planners know that you will have several questions. For many clients, planning a wedding involves a budget, as very few people can spend freely without considering their budget. Planning a wedding should be a magical experience, and chances are you’ll want everything to go according to plan. While various details can set you apart from the rest, the catering will play a critical role in the event, and our team knows that you will have many questions. To learn more, contact Étage Venue to get started. 

What is the best way to estimate the number of guests attending the event?

Planning a wedding is often a numbers game. Many people cannot invite everyone they would like to their wedding. Chances are, you will want to have a clear picture of who will be attending the event and who will send their regrets so that you can invite others who didn’t initially make the cut. While RSVP cards can help provide an accurate depiction, many wedding planners will tell couples that they can estimate 85% of in-town guests to attend their event while about 55% of out of towners are likely to join in on your big day. 

How soon before the wedding should I send out invitations?

When planning a wedding, it’s recommended that invitations are sent out about 6-8 weeks before the big day. You will also want to request RSVP cards to come back promptly. This will allow for final headcounts to ensure a proper count for Van Nuys, CA catering, and finalize the costs as the date gets closer. 

Is it necessary to request guests to RSVP?

While you certainly don’t have to require guests to RSVP, you may want them to. RSVPs can be critical for the planning process, allow you to have an accurate number, and offer the ability to invite those who previously were not on the guest list. 

What catering options should I consider for my wedding?

Based on the type of event you are having, many catering options are available for a wedding. Working with your caterer will be critical as they can help you discuss the details and ensure that you have enough food and libations for your guests. A caterer can work with you to discuss your options. Do you want a buffet? Plated dinner? Passed appetizers? There are endless options when considering catering, which is why a professional may be in your best interest. 

How can I budget for food and alcohol for my event?

It should come as no surprise that the food and alcohol at a wedding can consume a significant part of the budget. When working with a caterer, they will help to develop a budget for your wedding. Full open bars with premium alcohol can cost thousands of dollars. However, a professional can present you with food and alcohol options based on your budget and the number of guests you are inviting to your wedding. 

When should I finalize catering plans before the event?

Typically the final headcount will need to be confirmed with the caterer about two weeks before your big day. This will allow for the menu to be finalized and for confirmation of the final details. 

Étage Venue can create the perfect setting for your special day. Our high ceilings, exceptional lighting, and event planning services provide engaged couples with not only the backdrop but the services you deserve for the perfect wedding. To further discuss catering options in Van Nuys, California, contact our team today. 

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