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If you are planning a California wedding, and need catering in Van Nuys, CA, our professionals at Étage Venue say congratulations and are available to assist you! We know that one of the most important parts of a couple’s wedding is where it will take place, however, picking the right venue can feel daunting at times. It can be incredibly stressful visiting location after location trying to find the venue that will match what you have always imagined. In addition to finding the perfect venue, you also want to make sure that you find one that also provides exceptional catering.

To help make your decision a little easier, the following are a few tips to help you during your search for the perfect wedding venue. 

Visit Venues 

The first thing you want to do before heading out to tour different venues is sit down and talk over with your partner exactly what type of wedding you want. If you both know what each other wants, there won’t be any surprises when you tour the venues. There are many banquet halls that also provide catering, so you also don’t want it to become overwhelming deciding which locations you want to tour. By narrowing down your ideas with your partner, you can make your list of venues to visit shorter. 

Select a Wedding Date 

You also need to choose your wedding date. This will help narrow down places to look at, especially if you are not flexible with your date. If you are flexible about the date, you will have a much broader choice of venues. Many venues will tell you that by choosing a day or month that is considered off-season for weddings, you not only have more choices, but the final cost may also be less expensive. 

Type of Ceremony 

It also helps if you know what type of ceremony you are going to have – a church wedding or a civil ceremony. The wedding venue should be no more than a 20- to 25-mile radius of where the ceremony is. Ideally, if you are having a civil ceremony, the venue will have a ceremony room.

Budget and Guest Count

Determining how much you can afford will help you avoid the heartache of falling in love with a place that’s well out of your price range. You don’t want to spend more than 50 percent of your total wedding budget on your venue. You should also have a general idea of how many guests you will be inviting to the wedding. These two factors will also play an important role when deciding what type of food you will be serving and what catering company you will hire.

It would be disappointing to fall in love with a venue only to find out it isn’t big enough. As you are checking out venues, keep in mind the needs of those guests you are inviting. If any guests are coming from out of town, you will want to make sure there are hotels near the venue that you choose.

Factors to Consider When Planning Your Event

When planning an event or wedding that requires a resident’s recommendation, our event planners know that you will have several questions. Planning a special event for a birthday, wedding, corporate gathering or other occasion can come with much excitement, but it can be highly stressful and require a lot of work. If you are working within constraints such as time or budget, event planning can come with many challenges. 

For many clients, planning a wedding involves a budget, as very few people can spend freely without considering their budget. Planning a wedding should be a magical experience, and chances are you’ll want everything to go according to plan. While various details can set you apart from the rest, the catering will play a critical role in the event, and our team knows that you will have many questions. To learn more, contact Étage Venue to get started. 

What is the best way to estimate the number of guests attending the event?

Planning a wedding is often a numbers game. Many people cannot invite everyone they would like to their wedding. Your budget or time constraints may not allow you to invite everyone you want to. Chances are, you will want to have a clear picture of who will be attending the event and who will send their regrets so that you can invite others who didn’t initially make the cut. 

While RSVP cards can help provide an accurate depiction, many wedding planners will tell couples that they can estimate 85% of in-town guests to attend their event while about 55% of out of towners are likely to join in on your big day. 

Check in with your invited guests roughly two to three weeks before your wedding. Allow plenty of time for them to give you a confirmation of who will all be attending. Be ready to contact other people you didn’t add to the initial guest list in case there are last-minute cancellations.

How soon before the wedding should I send out invitations?

When planning a wedding, it’s recommended that invitations are sent out about 6-8 weeks before the big day. To some people, this may seem close to the date of the actual wedding. However, you don’t want to send them out too early and risk your guests forgetting about the date or confirming prematurely. Once it gets close enough to your wedding day, the guests who plan to attend can determine if they will be able to make it. You will also want to request RSVP cards to come back promptly. This will allow for final headcounts to ensure a proper count for catering, and finalize the costs as the date gets closer. 

Is it necessary to request guests to RSVP?

While you certainly don’t have to require guests to RSVP, you may want them to. Having guests RSVP can help you cut down on costs, so you know exactly how much food you should provide. For example, if a guest doesn’t let you know that they won’t be able to attend your wedding, but you had already included them in your headcount, then they have forced you to waste money. 

It is also courteous for guests to formally RSVP because it can let you plan ahead and keep track of how many guests you should expect to accommodate at your event. RSVPs can be critical for the planning process, allow you to have an accurate number, and offer the ability to invite those who previously were not on the guest list. 

What catering options should I consider for my wedding?

Based on the type of event you are having, many catering options are available for a wedding. Working with your caterer will be critical as they can help you discuss the details and ensure that you have enough food and libations for your guests. A caterer can work with you to discuss your options. Do you want a buffet? Plated dinner? Passed appetizers? Each setup has its pros and cons. 

For example, plated dinners are assigned a set cost per guest, while having a buffet allows you to provide more options for your guests. There are endless options when considering Van Nuys, California catering, which is why a professional may be in your best interest. When you send out your invitations, you can include a note where guests can respond with any dietary restrictions or preferences that they have. 

How can I budget for food and alcohol for my event?

It should come as no surprise that the food and alcohol at a wedding can consume a significant part of the budget. When working with a caterer, they will help to develop a budget for your wedding. Full open bars with premium alcohol can cost thousands of dollars. A cash bar can be a less expensive option if you are trying to stay within a reasonable budget. If you opt for a cash bar, then guests pay for their own drinks. The drawback to this is that it might upset some guests, who may not want to spend money at a wedding. 

Whatever your budget and preferences, hiring a professional can help find the best choice for your event. However, a professional can present you with food and alcohol options based on your budget and the number of guests you are inviting to your wedding. 

When should I finalize catering plans before the event?

Typically the final headcount will need to be confirmed with the caterer about two weeks before your big day. This will allow for the menu to be finalized and for confirmation of the final details. If you have last-minute requests to your catering plans, the catering team may not be able to accommodate them for you.

Does a professional catering service include cleanup?

At the end of a long event, you will want to head home and get plenty of rest. If you are providing catering yourself, you won’t have the luxury of going home because you have to make sure the event space is tidied up and trash is disposed of.  One of the benefits of hiring professional catering is that they take care of the cleanup process for you. You won’t have to stay behind once the event is over to clean up trash or wash dishes. 

4 Things to Know Before Hiring a Caterer

If you’re throwing a big event, be it a wedding, graduation party, or corporate celebration, one of the things you’ll need to figure out is the food. Perhaps the easiest option for getting everyone fed is hiring a caterer. Getting your event catered saves you the work of having to prepare or buy the food yourself, all while getting good service. However, before you hire a caterer, there are a few things you should consider. 

#1: Cost Per Person

One of the biggest things you need to think of before considering getting catering is your budget. Depending on how much you have in your food budget for your event, there could be a variety of different packages available for you. Most catering companies will break down your cost into the cost per person, so you’ll need to figure out how big your group is first. Once you have your estimated or final number, talk to one of the professionals at Etage Venue to get an estimate on how much it would cost to cater your event. 

#2: Dietary Restrictions in Your Group

Another thing you need to think about is whether or not anyone in your group has any dietary restrictions. Many catering companies will offer vegan or vegetarian meal options for those who either can’t or won’t eat meat, so you have that available for people at your party. If there is someone in your group who has a food allergy, let the chef know before ordering catering. This will not only protect you but also the company and everyone in your group. Before you consider ordering catering, make sure any dietary restrictions are discussed with the catering company to prevent disaster. 

#3: Delivery or Pickup Options

You should also consider whether your meal will need to be picked up or delivered. Although this may seem like a small detail, the day of your event will likely be busy and you don’t want to have one more thing to worry about. Before you order catering from Etage Venue, figure out if you need it delivered or not. This could save you a headache on the day of your event and make sure everything gets to your venue hot and fresh.

#4: Personal Preferences 

Finally, you should make sure your food matches your personal preferences. Many catering companies will let you taste samples of their food ahead of time, so you won’t need to worry about everything tasting good on the day of your event. By finding a good company to cater the event, you’ll save yourself the hassle of figuring out food.

Other Factors in Wedding Success

We all want our wedding day to go as planned, and do everything within our power to make it an effortless day. A couple that is so stressed out that they cannot enjoy the moment may lose out on making lasting memories. At the end of the day, it’s really about the couple getting married, everyone else is there to support. So even if it doesn’t go flawlessly, it can still be a wonderful and magical day. Other factors to consider in ensuring wedding success are listed as follows:

Not letting others pick your wedding party or guest list.

Your wedding is about you and your relationships. If you leave your guest list or wedding party up to someone else, they may not have chosen in the way you would have. Those who are closest to you should be in your wedding party, regarldes of their gender. Picking certain people to be people-pleasing is not a good idea, and can turn into a tricky situation to deal with. Why would you choose something that doesn’t feel right for you? It is your wedding day! 

Sending your save-the-dates or invitation way too soon.

Once you know that you’re getting married, you may be tempted to send out the invitations asap. But, you’ll want to hold back on mailing those out until the guest list and date is solidified. Keep in mind, save-the-dates are usually sent 8-10 months prior, and invitations sent 2-3 months before. Be confident about your guest list so that no one is hurt feelings for getting a save-the-date but not an official invitation.

Reserving hotel rooms too late, causing them to be booked.

A wedding mistake commonly made for newly engaged couples is forgetting to secure hotel room blocks for their guests traveling from outside town. If there isn’t enough room or hotel options nearby for guests, this can complicate your wedding day. So, begin your hotel research a year before and call the hotels to reserve blocks and then share this information with your guests. Encourage them to book right away.

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Étage Venue can create the perfect setting for your special day. Our high ceilings, exceptional lighting, and event planning services provide engaged couples with not only the backdrop but the services you deserve for the perfect wedding. To further discuss catering options in Van Nuys, California, contact our team at Étage Venue today.

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