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Catering Encino, CA

Catering Encino, CA

Catering Encino, CA

Catering in Encino, CA can provide your special event with delicious food and impress your guests. 

We Can Accommodate Many Different Approaches to Your Catered Meal

The Encino, CA catering services at étage Banquet Hall are not a “one size fits all” opportunity. In addition to plated, buffet, and bar meal service, we offer specialty stations, hors d’oeuvres, and custom packages, in addition to other personalized services.

This varied approach allows us to contribute to memorable events of all kinds. From the most sophisticated and elegant affairs to raucous celebrations and tasteful corporate events, we can tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your event.  

There is Never a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

At étage Banquet Hall, we understand that first impressions set the tone for any event. This general rule applies to the first impressions made by the venue, the appearance (and “five senses appeal”) of the specific event space, and by the food served at the event. As a result, we take great pride in presentation affecting all senses, including the look and taste of what is served by our Encino, CA catering company.

Ideally, you want your guests to think, “Wow” in the best possible way when entering your event and eating what you have chosen to serve them. We keep that critically important goal in mind at every stage of preparation for our clients’ events.

All too often, people associate the word “catering” with a subpar impression of food service. In reality—when it is “done well”—catering services can hold their own even when compared with reputable restaurants. Just as importantly, catering services can personalize client and guest experience in ways that most restaurants simply cannot, given the limitations of their business model.

If you have any reservations about embracing catering services as a way to provide personalized, memorable, and high-quality experiences for your guests, speak with our staff about your concerns. We will address each of them in turn, providing examples of our work and clarifying our reputation in order to better set your mind at ease.

Debunking Common Catering Myths

It seems that everyone has a “catering horror story” ready to relay at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, there are many catering companies that do not pay attention to detail to the extent that our Encino, CA catering company does. Additionally, many catering companies do not anticipate the possibility that something may go amiss during preparation or execution of catering services. We have found that being proactive and prepared enables us to meet our clients’ needs and to avoid potential complications in service so that our clients and their guests never have reason to relay a “horror story” related to the reputable Southern California catering services at étage Banquet Hall.

With that said there are certain broader misconceptions about catering that make some people shy away from choosing this method of serving their guests. Here are a few common myths about catering that you should take with a grain of salt… as they certainly do not apply to our services:

Catering is Just About Preparing Food

It’s true that the main aspect of catering is preparing delicious food for an event. However, catering features several other things to make your event a success. In addition to preparing food for your guests, a professional caterer provides serving staff, cutlery, cooking utensils, decorations and even seating arrangements. 

Setting Up a Catering Station Is Easy

Some people mistakenly believe that there is nothing to setting up a catering station for an event. The truth is, however, that it is a challenging task that requires special skills.  Professional caterers have to know how much space they are working with and how many guests will be coming to the event. The catering team also has to make sure they have enough ingredients, which must be fresh.

Hors d’oeuvre Service Is Cheaper Than Buffet Service

This is one of the most common myths regarding catering in Encino, CA. Hors d’oeuvres are actually more labor-intensive than buffets, so they are more expensive. Also, if you’re only serving hors d’oeuvres at your event, you will need a large amount and a wide variety, which can get pricey.

It’s Necessary to Pad Your Guest Count In Case Someone Unexpected Comes

Some event organizers think that they have to pad their guest number in case someone unexpected shows up. However, this often is not necessary. Many caterers prepare an average of 2 to 5 % to account for extra guests, so it usually evens out in the end.

Catered Food Is Low-Quality and Tasteless

When some people think about catered food, they might imagine rubbery chicken. However, most reputable catering companies make the quality of their food a top priority. They use the freshest ingredients and use the right spices to make every dish flavorful.

Catering Services Are Comparable to Eating at a Restaurant

There are many that believe catering services are more expensive than eating at a restaurant and not necessarily better. However, you don’t get the same culinary experience when you dine in a restaurant. When you invest in catering services, you get a personalized and tailored experience, including a menu that meets your preferences. Some catering companies may also allow you to select the linens and plates the food will be served on.

If you need help preparing food for your next event, you should consider hiring catering in Encino, CA. Call Étage Venue today.

What can I do to help make my special event a success?

So let’s say you decide to hire Étage Venue for catering in Encino, CA. You may be wondering what else we can do to help make your special event a success. Very often it’s the little things that make a difference, and at Étage Venue, we go the extra mile to ensure that even the smallest details are considered so that our guests have the most successful event possible at our venue. Our staff will be pleased to help you plan and host your event. We encourage you to tour our venue spaces so that you will know which room or rooms will be most suitable for your event. In addition, we’ll be happy to offer pointers as to what you’ll need to plan in advance of your event and what we can provide for you. Contact us with your questions and concerns and one of our event specialists can give you the information you need to make informed decisions in advance of your special day.

What services and amenities do you provide?

Étage Venue offers a number of services and amenities, and we can also provide recommendations for vendors such as caterers and others who can help make your event a success. For pricing information, please contact us and one of our specialists can provide detailed costs based on your needs.

  1.      1-  Étage Venue has tables and chairs available for guests upon request. Let us know how many of each you will need and we can accommodate you.
  2.        2-  Étage Venue has a state-of-the-art sound system with programmable light settings to create the perfect ambiance to match the occasion of your event.
  3.     3-   Étage Venue has an on-site kitchen available with full facilities. Ask us about our partnerships with local food providers and caterers. Serving food is an important part of many events, and we can make this process very easy for you.

What is the layout of the rooms at your event venue?

Étage Venue has several rooms available, each with their own unique style and size. In this way, we can accommodate nearly any type and size of event. If preferable, you may wish to rent more than one room in order to comfortably fit large groups or multiple groups. Should you choose to tour our event venue to help you decide which room or rooms will meet your needs, you can take note of the locations of electrical outlets, the sound system, windows, and much more. This can assist you in pre-planning where to place your tables and chairs, live band or podium, bar, and other enhancements for your event. 

What are my decorating options at your event venue?

There is virtually no limit to your choices for decorations and ambiance. Because each of our rooms offer a different type of ambiance, you may prefer one room over others. From classic to ballroom to elegant, Étage Venue can provide the space you need. How you choose to decorate it is entirely up to you. You’ll have the freedom to match the space to the theme and feeling of your catering event in Encino, CA.

How do I arrange to view the rooms that you offer at your event venue?

Contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a tour with one of our event room specialists to discuss catering in Encino, CA and making your special event a success!

Why People Should Hire catering services for Their Event

The event is about to take place, and you are responsible for its success. Do you know how people like to talk when they don’t like something? You can’t afford this to happen, especially if it’s a business event. The food is going to be the focus of the evening, so you have to make sure it’s good.

Whether you are hosting a wedding reception or an anniversary event, you can hire catering services to make your work easy. Professional catering Encino, CA at étage Banquet Hall will have dedicated staff members who will take care of everything from cooking and serving food to cleaning after the event.

In order to achieve that, hiring catering in Encino, CA is the best thing you can do. They will put together everything and make sure your guests will have a great time. There are many reasons why you should hire catering services for your event, but here are three key reasons:

You Will Have More Time To Deal with Other Things

Planning an event requires time, attention and dedication. When you hire a professional caterer, you don’t need to worry about the food anymore; they will take care of it for you.

If you do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen preparing food, hiring catering in Encino, CA is a good option. étage Banquet Hall can prepare all the food for your event, but it is important that you choose one who is experienced and has a good reputation.

They Have Great Experience

A caterer has great experience in organizing events and serving food, so he knows exactly what people like and what they don’t like. Hiring catering in Encino, CA is also a great way to ensure that your guests have delicious food items on their plates.

The caterers are skilled professionals who know how to cook tasty dishes and serve them in an appealing manner. An experienced caterer will be able to give you suggestions about which foods your guests would like the most, based on their age group, tastes, preferences and dietary requirements.

Cocktail Reception 

If you want to have a memorable wedding or other event you should consider having a cocktail reception. Cocktail receptions are some of the quickest and easiest events that caterers can help you plan. Etage Banquet Hall offers many different options regarding cocktail receptions. 


You can have food and beverages at your cocktail reception. You do not have to forego any qualities that you favor, and a great cocktail reception can be a great precursor to a dinner reception. Planning these mini-events as part of your wedding can help you organize a more cohesive celebration. 

Corporate Reception 

Corporate receptions are great for office lunches and dinners. You do not have to bring boring or predictable items to your corporate reception. You can make an impression on your corporate clients and your employees. All our corporate receptions are specifically tailored to your unique needs and tastes. Do not leave your corporate reception planning until the last minute. Contact Etage Banquet Hall more to learn more about the services we offer. 

Wedding Catering 

You do not want to be disappointed with your food choices on your wedding day. Menu design, great staff members, and perfect style are all available at Etage Banquet Hall. Our catering service planners can help you decide on the best dishes to include for your wedding guests. Do not try to complete every catering task by yourself. Contact Etage Banquet Hall today to learn more about our services. 

Special Occasions 

Catering services can make many different special occasions unique and memorable. Engagement parties, graduation parties, and anniversary celebrations will be remembered by you and your family members for years to come. Etage Banquet Hall is one of the best companies you can use when you are planning a special occasion. 


Contact Etage Banquet Hall Today To Learn More About Our Services

If you are interested in catering an event in the greater Los Angeles area contact Etage Banquet Hall today. You can learn more about our services. Catering your special event is going to be a task that you should not do alone. You should consult professionals when you are going to provide food and beverages for a special event. If you need some extra help catering your special event contact Etage Banquet Hall today. We are looking forward to celebrating with you. 

You don’t have to worry about anything.

One of the main reasons why people hire catering services for their events is that they don’t have to worry about anything at all. They can leave all the stress behind and enjoy their special day with family and friends. Whether it’s a wedding or an engagement party, they can truly celebrate without having to worry about a thing!



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