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If you are considering planning an event, you can rely on the professionalism at Étage Venue when booking a banquet hall in North Hollywood, CA. Perhaps the most important thing you’ll need to determine is where it will be held. For some people, they will choose a quaint outdoor location, others a conference area, and there will be those who opt for a more expansive space such as a banquet hall property. 

No matter what event you are hosting, whether it’s a romantic wedding, glamorous birthday party, or sleek corporate event, our modern and sophisticated venue has everything that you are looking for and more. As a premier event space, we offer a variety of services that are sure to make your special day stand out.  

What Events Are Ideal for North Hollywood Venues

Our luxurious, high-capacity banquet space has the versatility you need to have an amazing event. It is perfect for any size event, from smaller, intimate parties with your closest family and friends to large-scale celebratory occasions that accommodate hundreds of guests. You can transform the space to fit your desired theme and mood. It offers multiple rooms and areas for you and your guests to explore. A venue like Étage Venue can be the perfect place for a number of different events; particularly:

  • Weddings
  • Receptions
  • Baby Welcomings
  • Christenings
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Birthdays
  • Sweet 16s
  • Proposal Party’s
  • Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • Family Reunions

As you prepare and plan your event, take some time to weigh out your venue options. Where you choose to host your event can affect all other aspects. This is why it is so important to choose a venue that works with your objectives and expectations. 

Event Planning Made Easy

Planning a special day can be fun and exciting, but it is also a lot of work that you don’t want to necessarily do on your own. Finding the right venue for your occasion is just one part of the process. Hiring professional event planning services can take some of the stress and pressure off of you. As the celebrant, you shouldn’t be weighed down by planning logistics. Allow our team of experienced and highly skilled coordinators to help you with every part of your plan. We want to assist you in throwing the most exciting event in town that you and your guests will remember and cherish. 

What NOT To Do When Planning an Event

As we grow and learn in life, we may make mistakes in our career and relationships. This is simply how we adapt and continue to be better versions of ourselves. However, some mistakes come at a financial loss. So while it’s crucial to know what to do for event planning, it’s equally as important to know what not to do so that your pocketbook doesn’t suffer. 

Don’t let time go by, start planning early.

Procrastination is not your friend when it comes to planning an event. Waiting until the last minute may mean you don’t get as many RSVPs, you spend more money booking a venue so close to the date, and it may impact the overall success of the event. Many venue properties book far in advance, so don’t risk not having a rental space altogether!

Check your local news and friends for competing events.

It would be a nightmare to schedule an event, then to learn after the planning has been solidified that there’s another event competing with yours. Search your local area for potential festivals, conventions, sports games, etc for your chosen date before sending out invites. Furthermore, if you want to host an event on a popular getaway weekend, check with your main guests ahead of time to see if they’ll be traveling or available to attend. 

Don’t assume you can take on more than you really can.

As someone planning an event, you may take on way more than you can reasonably handle. You could be the most efficient and energized person, but due to how much you have to accomplish alone it can be easy to commit oversights. Hire professionals and support when needed, so that you can hopefully enjoy the event too!

When To Start Looking for a Venue 

If you don’t have much experience throwing an event, you are probably wondering when the best time to find a venue is. The sooner you begin to explore your venue options, the better. In-demand venues can be booked months in advance, so you need to be decisive and quick. Having an idea of factors such as capacity needs and the characteristics you are looking for can help you narrow down your choice. Be sure to keep in mind:

  • Your budget.
  • Your style preferences.
  • The approximate size of your event. 
  • Your space needs. 

At Étage Venue, our coordinators for events suggest you book a venue between 6 months and 1 year in advance. This is especially true during peak seasons such as June through August. These are highly popular months for weddings, for example. By reserving your venue early on, you can put your mind at ease in knowing you have the right space for your event. 

Speaking to a skilled event planning coordinator about what you are looking for can illuminate possible options. They have years of experience helping clients plan the event of their dreams. With their knowledge and skills, they can propose various options and budget suggestions that match your needs and preferences.  If you have planned an event at the last minute, we encourage you to give us a call today to find out how we may be able to accommodate your urgent need to find a venue. 

Things to Consider When Deciding on a Venue

Finding the ideal venue is much more than picking a location that looks nice. There are many elements that make up the best venue for the type of event that you are throwing. You need to take into account your guest list, capacity requirements, and the convenience of the location. Consider these things when you are weighing your options for a venue.


The location of your venue is perhaps the most important factor to consider. Not only does the location reflect the event you’re hosting, but it also will make a difference in the ease and ability for guests to reach it – especially any guests coming from out of town. You don’t want to book a place that guests will have a difficult time reaching. Our banquet hall is central to many popular attractions and landmarks that your guests will be excited to visit during their stay. It is accessible from many different areas across all directions. 

Parking Facilities

Not all of your guests will be arriving by taxi; in fact, most will likely be driving there on their own. Ask the venue if parking is available on site, or somewhere within a short walk’s distance. Is the parking free or paid for? Is valet parking an option? Ask about any street parking options that are close by. If parking is not available, you will need to think about alternative options. 

The Number of Guests

You should have an idea of how many people will be attending your event and compare this number to the capacity of the venue. A venue that comfortably holds 300 people is not going to be suited to a 500 person event. However, a venue that comfortably holds 500 people could also comfortably fit 300 people. You may also want to consider opting for a venue that has enough room where guests can comfortably roam and mingle. You don’t want the space to feel too cramped, especially when you are hosting a larger gathering. 


Most events will have some kind of food and beverage. Think about whether you would like to hire an off-site catering company, or let the venue prepare a catered meal for you. It is also advisable to talk with the venue about the ability to bring in outside food or drinks. Some venues will not allow this at all and others are more flexible depending on your needs. 

Your Wedding Venue Options

While any event can be an important one, a wedding is one of the most important days of our lives. If you are searching for a venue for your wedding, there are key factors you will want to consider. The following are some of the different options you have for your event.

Banquet Hall Wedding Venues 

One of the many benefits of booking a North Hollywood, CA banquet hall for your wedding is that many of these venues have their own wedding and event-planning coordinators right on staff. Since they are on staff, they will already know the ins and outs of that facility. Another benefit to this type of venue is everything is often under one roof – the room, the décor, the sound system, the food, the lighting, and more. When you have your event at 

Restaurant Venues

If you are having a smaller wedding, then a restaurant venue could be a good choice. If the restaurant is one you frequent, then you know the food will be good. You also will not have to worry about hiring any bar or wait staff for the event because they are “included” with your meal. 

The drawback to restaurant venues is that there are definite limitations to space, so they really are more for a more intimate affair. It may be more economical to find a restaurant that rents out special event rooms as opposed to making reservations in their regular dining areas if the venue’s policy is to charge for missing business if some of your reserved guests do not show. Otherwise, your best bet will likely still be a banquet hall. 

Outdoor Venues 

There are so many options for outdoor venues – the themes are endless. From beaches, fairgrounds, farms, parks, public gardens, ranches, and more, there are so many options to choose from. Outdoor venues also may make it easier to work around your budget because they tend to be more affordable than indoor venues. 

And the best part is Mother Nature provides the décor! Having your wedding outdoors also means you can choose a location that has a lot of space so you are not as limited with your guest list as you may be if you held the wedding indoors. 

One of the main drawbacks to an outdoor wedding is the weather. Although there is no way to predict the weather, you can consider the season you are booking in. Does the area have a “rainy” season? If so, then avoid those months and choose a time of the year where the weather is usually drier. No matter when you book, however, you will definitely want to have a backup plan in place. 

For example, does the venue have a large barn or some other type of building on the grounds where the event can be moved to? One option is to find a banquet hall that also has outdoor venue options. That way, if the weather is not cooperating, you can just move your event indoors.

How To Pick a Property

If you have recently become engaged and are planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is where your special day will take place. There are many things to consider when searching for the perfect North Hollywood, CA banquet hall. The following are some of the things you may want to keep in mind as your search.

The Size of the Room

Even before you begin your venue search, you will need to decide how many guests you will be inviting to your wedding. This will determine what size room you will need. If you are having a small and intimate affair, then you won’t need a huge banquet hall like you would if you were planning on a very large guest list.

Keep in mind as you are looking at venues, while each room you look at may appear huge, that is likely because it is empty. Try imagining what it will look like when it is filled up with all of your guests and bridal party, a band or DJ playing, and people enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

The Layout of the Room

Another factor to consider when choosing a banquet hall is how the room is laid out. Will guests be able to mingle with each other without causing a “traffic jam” between tables? Where is the bar located and will people waiting at the bar for their orders create another traffic jam in the room?

You also want to make sure that the room provides a good view of the bridal party table and dance floor so all guests will be able to watch and enjoy the festivities. Rooms that are cut and angled or have columns in the middle may obstruct some guest views of the bride and groom’s first dance, toasts, and other traditional events.


It is said that the music at a wedding can make or break a good time. Whether you have a band or a DJ, music is one of the significant expenses at a wedding. You want to make sure the acoustics in the room you hold your wedding in does not sound like an echo chamber. This not only puts a damper on the music for your guests but could also make it difficult for people to converse with each other.


Lighting in a venue can also make all the difference in the mood that the bride and groom are trying to set. What type of ambiance are you trying to create? Is there enough good quality lighting to achieve that ambiance? Does the room have windows for a daytime event or is it completely closed in?

And speaking of windows, if the banquet hall you are considering does have windows, what is the view like? What will guests be looking at if they look outside? If there are no windows, then what type of décor does the venue have, and how does that fit in with the theme of your wedding that you have chosen?

Your Wedding Timeline: The Top 4 Steps To Planning

You popped the question, popped the champagne, and stepped foot into the next chapter of your life. Planning your wedding can be an amazing experience. However, it can become overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. It helps to familiarize yourself with the timeline of four major steps early in the process.

1. Create Your Budget

On average, most couples spend approximately a year preparing for their wedding. Before you get carried away with planning, it’s smart to create a detailed budget. The amount of money you are inclined to spend will affect every aspect, from your dress to your flowers and your photographer to your banquet hall in North Hollywood, CA. Breaking your targeted total down into multiple categories will make it easier to stay on track.

2. Select Your Venue

Once you have an allowance in mind, it is time to select your venue. Etage Venue can book up quite far in advance. If you have a specific date in mind, you will want to consider placing a deposit on a venue about a year in advance. Couples who maintain flexibility or get married outside of the peak season may be able to find a date sooner. Remember that much of your planning will revolve around your venue, so it is important to find one early on.

3. Hire Your Vendors

There are many types of vendors you will need to consider for your wedding. Your banquet hall in North Hollywood, CA, may have a list of preferred or recommended vendors. Requesting that list is a great way to start looking for DJs, bands, florists, caterers, and photographers. Popular vendors typically are booked earlier than you might expect. You should consider securing yours about 11 months before your wedding date. The best vendors for your event will suit your theme, fit your budget, and have great reviews.

4. Plan Your Attire

The bride and groom often plan attire for their whole wedding party. Ideally, you should select a style and color palette that will complement Etage Venue. Depending on the bridal shop you work with, you may need to order your gown nine months in advance. That will allow time for shipping, alterations, and final fittings. Bridesmaids and flower girl dresses should be ordered approximately eight months ahead. Suits and tuxes for the groom, groomsmen, ring bearers, and ushers only need to be selected four to five months before the wedding.

3 Benefits of an Indoor Venue for Your Event

When planning an event, you want everything to go smoothly. You want your guests to enjoy the event you have planned, regardless of outside factors like weather or seasons. It is why indoor venues have a few advantages. A banquet hall, managed by Etage Venue, has all the essentials needed to have memorable events. Here are three benefits of an indoor venue for your next get-together. 

#1 You and Your Guests Will Be Comfortable

An indoor venue has the option of heating and cooling when needed. It keeps your guests comfortable, and you can continue with dining or other activities without a problem. The weather will not be an issue either. Rain, snow, heat, and wind will not be things you need to consider when planning your event. If it is a particularly warm or cool day, you can adjust the temperature as needed. Guests will not have to dress for the weather and worry about sweaters or jackets.

#2 You Can Decorate Easily

When planning an event at a banquet hall, you may have some particular decor in mind. If you have your event and activities set up outside, you need to consider the weather. You may even have to change your plans so that your decorations still look nice. When setting up inside, you can do whatever you like and decorate as elaborately as you want. Small details that may get lost outside or blown away can be placed inside without a problem. Your displays will stay where you put them, regardless of the weather. Etage Venue can help plan your decorations and make your event enjoyable for everyone. 

#3 There is Less Noise and Distractions

An indoor event can reduce unwanted noise and distractions. A banquet hall can offer you a quiet area for your party. Passersby, animals, or other background sounds will not be a problem. You can have music, a DJ, or performances without added interference from the wind or people talking. Street noise won’t interrupt your event either. It can make your event more immersive and memorable, and your guests can focus on having fun and enjoying the party. 

Parties are fun and exciting for you and those you invite. If you are thinking about having an event, determine how much room you need. Etage Venue can help with all of your get-togethers, including weddings, birthdays, and family reunions. 

No matter what occasion you are celebrating or throwing, book our unique venue so you can wow your guests and have an event to remember. To learn more about Étage Venue, a banquet hall in North Hollywood, California, please call us today.

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