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Wedding Venue Van Nuys, CA

Wedding Venue Van Nuys, CA

Wedding Venue Van Nuys, CA

Create Your Wedding at Etage Venue: The Perfect Venue for a Wedding in Van Nuys, CA.

Situated in an ideal location, easily accessible by main roads, Etage Venue has been the preferred wedding venue Van Nuys, CA clients turn to for many years. We understand our clients and guests and work hard to ensure their day is perfectly complemented by our venue. 

Boasting versatility and a blend between modern form and classical elegance, we provide several different functional spaces. Chandeliers line the ceiling and flow seamlessly with customizable lighting and sounds. The ornate design of the wedding banquet hall Van Nuys, CA has to offer will mesmerize your guests, but without drawing away from you and your spouse. 

A Day to Remember

Whether you are holding your wedding ceremony, your reception, or a wedding party, we offer you a stunning backdrop. Like Cinderella, you can walk down a glass stairway from your private bridal quarters as guests gaze upon your beauty. Glistening crystal chandeliers will make your fairytale wedding that much grander as a toast is raised on behalf of your wedding.

As the night sets in and you’re living in the moment, the dance floor will light up in hues of pinks, purples, blues, or any other color you choose. All eyes will be on you, your smile, and your love for one another. 

This is the kind of wedding we create time and time again. If you are imagining this for your very own wedding, let our wedding planners and banquet hall event specialists help you to create your special day.  

Catering at a Van Nuys Wedding Banquet Hall

Your wedding is not complete without delicious food. At our wedding banquet hall Van Nuys, CA residents can choose from perfectly designed menus varying from buffets, family dishes, or four course meals. We are able to cater to a broad range of dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, Halal, gluten free, raw, child-friendly, and more. If you require specialty dishes, be sure to let our staff know. We do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs. 

Why Choose Us to Be Your Wedding Venue Van Nuys, CA Families Prefer


  1. -Multiple room options in addition to the banquet hall
  2. -Varying seating capacities ranging from 150 to 300 
  3. -A comfortable ceremony room for close friends and family
  4. -Modern interiors and amenities
  5. -Convenient Van Nuys wedding venue location
  6. -Kind, friendly, and respectable staff
  7. -Ample sized catering menu
  8. -LED Video Wall
  9. -Large dance floor
  10. -Lighting and sound system
  11. -Stage

We will surely surpass the expectations of your guests and yourself. Our reputation comes second to none and we aim to keep it that way. If you are planning your wedding, and looking for a perfect wedding banquet hall Van Nuys, CA men and women should turn to Etage Venue. 

According to national statistics, the average cost of a wedding in the United States can run up to $25,000 or more. The majority of couples who are planning a wedding underestimate the costs by about 40 percent. If you are planning a wedding in California and have a specific budget you want to stick with, that amount can sound pretty overwhelming. But there are steps you can take that will give you the wedding of your dreams and enable you to keep to your desired budget. Working with a wedding venue in Van Nuys, CA and using the following tips can help.

Setting Your Budget

The first thing you and your fiancée should do is set that budget. Too often, couples just dive right in and begin planning without first considering not only how much they want to spend but also where that money is coming from. Will you and your fiancée be covering all the wedding costs on your own or will there be some costs shared by your families? Once you have a solid amount in place, you can then begin figuring out how that amount will be allocated – how much will be going to your Van Nuys, CA wedding venue, how much to a photographer, how much to caterers, etc.

Consider a Wedding Planner

If you are planning on a limited budget, hiring a wedding planner may sound like a frivolous or unnecessary expense. But the truth is that a skilled wedding planner can actually help you stay within your budget. They can connect you with vendors who are in your price range, saving you the time and energy of working with lists of vendors who may charge more than what you are looking to spend. A good wedding planner will also make sure you stay within your budget in case you are tempted to stray outside of it.

Consider a Date Off Season

There are certain times of the year that are the most popular for couples to get married, especially during the months of May through October. Many vendors increase their prices during these months, utilizing the old “supply and demand” theory. In order to keep your costs down, consider getting married during a month that is considered the wedding off-season. The vendors you are working with may also have lower prices if you get married on a day of the week other than Saturday – the most popular day of the week for weddings.

The Benefits of Choosing Catering Services 

You should choose a good catering service for your wedding. Many people choose catering services because they want to spend less time preparing food in the kitchen. Also, many families and couples do not want to spend time cleaning up after a big wedding service and reception. Catering services offered by
Etage Banquet Hall are a great option for large events. 


Hiring a caterer is more efficient because members of the wedding party do not have to devote inordinate amounts of time cooking food, preparing food, and grocery shopping. Some wedding guests may have special dietary needs that you cannot accommodate without spending even more time and money preparing specific dishes. 


When you choose a catering company you can focus on planning the wedding and let the caterer prepare the food, deliver it to the venue, and set up the banquet tables and dining utensils. Catering companies make everything easier for those preparing large events such as weddings, anniversaries, and graduation parties.  

What Is Important When Choosing a Menu for a Wedding? 

A wedding menu should be focused and specific. Finding the right caterer will help you decide on the best menu for you and your guests. The guest profile and type of event should dictate the menu that you choose for your event. Menus can be simplistic or ornate. But you should try to customize the menu for the event. A caterer’s knowledge of great menu options can help you develop a profile of items that you can choose from to develop a menu. 


The timing of your event can also influence the number of items on the menu. If you are planning a party you do not need to have enough food to feed hundreds of people for several hours. You need to work with your caterer to determine the exact number of items that should be on your menu. 


You can have box meals catered or you can choose plated lunches. Plated dinners and buffets are also options for larger events. Cocktail receptions also contain specific menu items that you can design with your caterer. 


Etage Banquet Hall offers many different services that you can choose from. Making your event pleasant and memorable is our job. If you want to learn more about the catering services we offer contact Etage Banquet Hall at (818) 343-1161. We are here to help you with all of your catering needs. 


What Other Considerations Are Important When I Am Choosing Catering Services? 

When you are choosing a catering service you need to focus on the needs of your guests and what you want to achieve during your event. Every event is unique, but you can make your event more memorable by creating a specific menu that will please you and your guests. 


Etage Banquet Hall can give you clear suggestions regarding nutritional information and dietary needs. Each guest needs to focus on the event itself and enjoy the menu as a smaller part of the larger event. By focusing on the scale of your event you can choose the perfect menu items that will help you have a successful celebration. 

Choosing Your Venue

Approximately one-third of a couple’s wedding budget goes to the venue and catering they choose for their event. When looking for a venue, consider choosing one that has all-inclusive options which can help keep those costs down compared to using separate vendors.

For a complimentary tour, or to find out whether or not we have space available, please call us today. Bare in mind that we do recommend booking your event between 6 and 12 weeks in advance. During wedding season and the summer, advance booking is highly recommend. Don’t miss your chance to host your wedding at Etage Venue. Give us a call now.


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