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Event Hall Canoga Park, CA

Event Hall Canoga Park, CA

Event Hall Canoga Park, CAWhen planning your next event, our event hall Canoga Park, CA, event planners recommend may be just the option to ensure a memorable gathering. We all know that the impact of COVID-19 has impacted many people, including those who have an event to plan. Unfortunately, this has had a significant effect on the industry. Also, many people have had to cancel their events to prevent the spread amid a worldwide epidemic. While there are so many unknowns, our staff at Étage Venue can help you plan the safest gathering possible. We want you to make the most of your event, which is why working with our team may be the best option for moving forward. We provide our clients with a range of events, so our professionals can ensure that your event stands out above the rest no matter the gathering you are looking to have. 

Event Planning During COVID-19

When planning an event during a global pandemic, it’s essential to be aware that things currently look vastly different. At this time, per governor’s orders, the state of California does not allow for gatherings. Unfortunately, gatherings are presently prohibited, meaning that members from multiple households should not convene in the same space at one time. This includes gatherings such as: 

  • Parties
  • Festivals
  • Fairs
  • Weddings
  • Conferences 
  • Banquets 
  •   +More

Despite this, there are a few exceptions. For example, some outdoor events may be allowed, including outdoor religious worship, internal business meetings, and wedding ceremonies. However, be aware that at this point, wedding receptions are not allowed. We can be prepared for you whether your event was canceled amidst the pandemic, or you are in the process of planning a party, wedding, or social gathering. Our team will be here ready to help provide a premier event hall in Canoga Park, California, that stands apart from all the rest. 

Tips to Keep in Mind for Event Planning

It can be hard to throw a show-stopping event in LA; however, our venue and staff are fully prepared to assist you in planning the event of your dreams. Here are some tips to keep in mind for planning your next event:

  • Develop a budget
  • Have an idea of the type of event that you want
  • Send invitations out promptly
  • No matter the kind of celebration, know your audience
  • Develop a clear line of communication for your guests
  • Contact our team to begin the planning process

When planning a wedding, quinceanera, or charity event, we can help you develop a plan for your event. We know there can be many unknowns amidst the current climate today, but our team can help make your dreams a reality. 

What To Look For in a Venue for Your Next Event

Planning events are always an ordeal no matter if it is a small intimate wedding or a huge corporate celebration. While there are always many details to determine and manage, the biggest hurdle is finding an excellent event hall in Canooga Park, CA. The event space can set the tone for your entire affair, so you want to make sure you are finding the right venue for you and your party. Below are a few of the aspects you should look for when searching for your next venue.

Preferred Vendors

Some venues provide all the services you might need for your gathering or party, while others are simply a space that requires you to render services from other vendors to complete your event. Some facilities use a mix of both or let the customer determine what extra services they want to add in addition to the use of the venue. The most helpful thing an event hall in Canooga Park, CA can have is a preferred vendors list. A trusted list of options for caterers, photographers, florists, equipment rental, music, or any other service you might require for your event is going to save you an inordinate amount of time and effort. Etage Venue has had years of experience with different vendors and companies and you can use that knowledge to make sure your celebration goes off without a hitch.

Cancellation Policy

Another aspect you want to search for is a venue with an understanding and accommodating cancellation policy. You don’t want your event to be canceled anymore than the venue does, but working with an event hall in Canooga Park, CA that is gracious when it comes to a change or cancellation is essential. The best-case scenario is finding a location that will let you reschedule without losing any deposits or payments already processed. It’s important that you understand exactly how each venue handles its cancellation policy and that you make sure you are ok with their standard procedures.

Easy Communication

There’s a huge amount of effort that goes into planning any event being held at a facility and you will likely need to talk to the venue often during the planning process. It is imperative that you find a place that you find easy to communicate with. Etage Venue wants its clients to feel at ease throughout the preparation for their event, so it makes sure that everyone can easily get a hold of a staff member to talk through any questions that may arise during the planning process.

We Accommodate a Vast Number of Events

  • Weddings
  • Banquets
  • Charity Events
  • Engagement Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Filming
  •   +More

When planning an event or gathering, our team knows that you will be looking for a venue and professionals who can provide you with the versatility, professionalism, and stand out setting you deserve. Not only can we assist in providing you many options, but we can also help with inspiration as you map out your event. 

At Étage Venue, we can’t wait to celebrate with you again. Our team knows that your event is important, and we are here to help execute your dream and make them a reality. Schedule your next event at our Canoga Park, CA event hall; we are ready to help you plan the event you have been dreaming of. 

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