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Catering Services Reseda, CA

Catering Services Reseda, CA 

Catering Services Reseda, CA There are many events in California where the hosts have decided to use a catering service instead of trying to do all the work themselves. One of the most popular events is a bridal shower. Planning a bridal shower does take work, making sure you have all the bases covered so that the bride definitely feels special! The following tips, along with choosing top-notch catering services Reseda, CA residents turn to can guarantee your success.

Choosing a Budget

The first thing you should do in planning a bridal shower is to figure out what your budget is. This is key – knowing how much you have to spend will be the deciding factor in a lot of the options you choose for the shower. If you are planning the shower with others, you also want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and agrees on the amount so that there is no extra financial burden on anyone in the group.

Choosing a Date

Choosing a date for the bridal shower as soon as possible is also key in planning. If you wait too long, you may find that the venue you want to book, the Reseda, CA catering services you want to hire, or guests you want to invite are already booked or committed. Ideally, you should pick a date and start planning about six months prior to the wedding, if possible. A bridal shower is usually held about two months before the actual wedding. Check with the bride and groom’s families to make sure the date you are considering will work for everyone.

Creating a Guest List

Knowing how many guests you will be inviting will likely determine where you will be hosting the shower, depending on the size of the room you will need. In most cases, anyone who is invited to the wedding should also be invited to the bridal shower.

Choosing a Venue

Once you have determined your budget, the date, and the number of guests, you can begin shopping around for the venue you would like to hold the shower at. Although some people host bridal showers in their own homes, many others find that hosting at a venue is much easier and actually less work, both before and after the event. Hosting at a venue also makes more sense if there will be a good amount of guests who will be attending.

Planning the Menu

Some people hosting bridal showers choose to make their own food for the event. But when you are hosting a shower where there will be a good size guest list, it often is less work – and less expensive – if you hire caterers to prepare the food you will be serving.

If you are planning a baby shower or any other type of event and would like to find out more about the menu options and other services that the Reseda, CA catering services at étage Banquet Hall can provide, call today!


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