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Catering Reseda, CA

catering Reseda, CA

Reseda, California Catering services

If you have a special event coming up and are interested in trying  Reseda, CA catering services, you can depend on étage Venue to provide you with amazing menu options. An experienced caterer can work with you to create a unique list of flavorful dishes. By obtaining gourmet catering services available at étage Venue, a professional culinary team can provide you and your guests with appetizing food.

Catering in Reseda, CA

To make sure that your special event goes smoothly and is memorable for everyone in attendance, hiring event planning services is highly recommended. Located in Reseda, CA, étage Venue is an ideal place to celebrate your wedding, birthday, anniversary or other special event. Our skilled event planners know how to develop a plan for a successful event.

In addition to our captivating venue, we also offer gourmet catering services that you and your guests can enjoy. Choose from diverse options, featuring traditional and international dishes. Whether you want a plated dinner or buffet-style, we can create a setup that works for you.

Why You Should Hire Professional Catering Services

Preparing food for a special occasion requires careful planning. It can take hours to cook food for a large amount of people. Your guests all have different food preferences and you need to make sure everyone gets the food they want. With a skilled and experienced catering team, you can save hours on cooking and have one less thing to worry about for your event. 

Having a professional Reseda, California catering team to assist you throughout your event has several benefits, saving you time and ensuring that you have high quality food. Caterers understand how to follow safety and sanitation guidelines to avoid any issues such as foodborne illnesses. They can quickly prepare and serve meals to your guests.

Not having to deal with washing many plates and silverware is also a good reason to use catering services. Once dinner is over, the wait staff can collect the plates and have them washed for you. You don’t need to take care of the clean up as well.

Tips For Creating a Menu Your Guests Will Love 

Food is one area of an event that you do not want to neglect. The food can make or break an event, no matter how well-executed the other elements of your occasion are. You want to have memorable, high-quality food so that your guests are happy. Not only do you want your guests to enjoy their lunch or dinner, but you also want them to be in a good mood so they can enjoy the rest of their day. Here are some tips for creating a memorable menu:

  • Talk to the caterer about your menu details
  • Ask guests about their food preferences
  • Finalize your menu early

Insight Into Crafting a Fun Drink Menu

The best kind of bar setup and drink men will give your guests the extra good time they are looking for. You can make your menu memorable, if you take the time to be thoughtful and unique. To create a buzzing drink menu, consider these tips: 


Think about what your theme is for the event. Do you want casual and informal, or fancy and ornate? The drink menu should be influenced by the theme, and whether the party is social or corporate. If the event is happening on or around a holiday, this can be inspiration for the drink menu. You can effortlessly amplify your party by having drinks that reflect the event ambience.

Drink Names

You may want to think of creative cocktail and drink names, as they tend to account for what someone decides to order. At an event, the drink names can be a fun and memorable component of the experience. Think of drink names related to pop culture, quotes, puns, guests, seasonality, etc. 

Drink Tickets

Offering drink tickets to your guests can be a good way to speed up the line at the bar, and gives bartenders the ability to give genuine attention to each person. Also, it can help reduce costs for the host if the drink tickets are specific to certain cocktails. Limiting how many drink tickets each guest gets can decrease the chances of someone over-consuming and dampening the party.

Liquor Type

Depending on the atmosphere and budget, you may want to offer top-shelf liquor to your guests, or more cost-effective choices like beer and wine. Deciding whether to provide hard liquor to guests will vary based on who is in attendance, whether the event is corporate or friends and family, and duration of event. 

Visibly Appealing

When a drink is pleasant to look at, it makes having it all the more exciting. Consider asking your bar vendor about simple ways to add some fun to your drinks, such as whipped cream, gold flakes, fruit pieces, funky cups, vibrant colors and more. Upgrading your drinks so they are gorgeous to look at as well as tasting good is worth the extra thought and probably won’t cost much extra to do. 

Learn More About Our Catering Options

With the help of catering services, you can focus on enjoying your event without dealing with the stress of preparing food for your entire guest list. Schedule an appointment now to explore our menu and try our Reseda, CA catering services. 

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